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1994-2004 SN95/New Edge Mustang Parts & Accessories


With the 1994-2004 body style being one of the most memorable changes of the Mustang since the Fox Body that ended in 1993, a new chapter in the world of aftermarket Mustang Parts and Accessories has begun. Enter the SN95. The model of Mustang did not fair to easy in the beginning though. Gone were the crisp and sharp lines of the Fox Body for a more sleeker rounded look. This would not carry to well with some. Having made the transition still having the 5.0L Pushrod V8 from the previous car, it to some lacked a little luster and styling cues that customers expected. Then debuting in 1999 the SN95 got a freshened redesign on the same platform and was dubbed the "New Edge". 

This New Edge body style also hosted a wide variety of upgrades from Ford and the Aftermarket. Aftermarket companies like ROUSH, SALEEN and STEEDA and of course KMP Accessories, really started to take off in the Mustang performance community giving enthusiasts a large variety of upgrades and serialized cars to choose from.

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