Ignition Coils

Ford Mustang Ignition Coil

If you are looking to provide better combustion and a more energetic spark in the engine of your Mustang compared to what the stock coil packs are able to offer, then a set of aftermarket ignition coils can deliver what you are looking for. Burning hotter, faster and stronger, the fuel is completely consumed, meaning much less of it is wasted by being blown out of the exhaust pipe as unburned droplets. These ignition coil packs utilize a range of cutting edge technologies to achieve their results, including materials like silicone magnetic steel for the core, and precision construction such as optimized winding, increasing overall spark energy by a 10% to 15%. Pick up a set of ignition coils for your Mustang today from K.M.P. Accessories.


Accel Super Coil-On-Plug Kit (2011-16 V6)

$525.27 $393.95

If you are looking to make more power then what the wimpy stock OEM factory coils are able to help produce, then the Accel Super Coil-On-Plug Kit makes that possible, giving you more horsepower from your 3.7L V6 engine. Works great with a stock engines...

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