Cold Air Intakes

2015-2018 S550 Mustang Cold Air Intakes


If you are looking to add more horsepower and torque to your S550 Mustang, then one of the easiest upgrades you can perform is installing a Cold Air Intake from KMP Accessories and get the competitive edge that you are looking for. The S550 Mustang cold air intake systems are designed to bring in colder air into your engine to make more power throughout the RPM range. With the high flow filter and smooth tubing, you can easily pick up an average of 15-30 more horsepower over stock, and possibly even more when pairing this installation with a tuner to get maximum performance.

Airaid Intake Systems

Airaid Modular Air Intake Tube (2015-17 GT)

$197.50 $158.00

AIRAID Modular Intake Tubes (MIT) provide a smooth air way to the throttle body that improves air flow up to an additional 400 CFM over restrictive stock intake tubes in order to give your engine more horsepower and torque. MITs are constructed from...

BBK Performance

BBK Black Out Cold Air Intake (2015-17 GT)

$466.65 $349.99

Want to add up to 20 Horsepower and 20 Foot/Pounds torque, well you need one of our S550 Mustang GT Cold Air Induction "Blackout" Kits from BBK, that are designed to improve airflow and maximize Horsepower and torque on the S550 without modifications...

BBK Performance

BBK Blackout Cold Air Intake (2015-16 V6)

$439.99 $329.99

Want to add up to improved horsepower and torque, then you need one of the BBK Performance Cold Air Induction systems that are designed to improve airflow and maximize Horsepower and torque on any Ford Mustang V6 coupe or convertible without any...

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