2015-2018 S550 Mustang Suspension

Get ready for the improved performance and better handling for your S550 Mustang with suspension upgrade kits from KMP Accessories. Rest assured that it does not matter if you are drag racing or on the road course, you can take control and handle the road. You can also consider the 2015-2018 Ford Mustang Coilover Kits and Ford Mustang Bumpsteer Kits to configure the perfect angle on your suspension in order to make your car handling more smooth and satisfying. Order your suspension upgrades from KMP Accessories today.

Eibach Springs

Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs (2015-17 GT)

$327.00 $264.87

The Eibach Pro-Kit is the perfect answer for your Mustang. It is Eibach's legendary spring system that dramatically improves both performance and appearance. The Pro-Kit lowers your Mustang’s center of gravity, reducing squat during acceleration,...

Eibach Springs

Eibach Pro-Plus Suspension Kit (2015-17 All)

$832.20 $674.08

If you live for the corners, the Eibach Pro-Plus performance handling package delivers. Eibach Pro-Plus packages include our legendary Eibach Pro-Kit springs along with matching Anti-Roll-Kit sway bars. The Eibach Pro-Kit lowers your car’s center...

Eibach Springs

Eibach Sport-Plus Suspension Kit (2015-17 GT)

$1,101.24 $699.99

If you and your Mustang live for the corners, the Eibach SPORT-PLUS Performance Handling Package delivers. Eibach SPORT-PLUS packages include our legendary Eibach SPORT-KIT springs along with matching ANTI-ROLL-KIT sway bars. The Eibach SPORT-KIT lowers...

Steeda Autosports

Steeda Adjustable Rear Toe Links (2015-16 All)

$319.95 $269.95

These Steeda S550 Mustang Adjustable Rear Toe Links for your S550 Mustang will improve the handling characteristics and improve your Mustang's overall handling response, making your car feel more connected and balanced - therefore making it easier to...

Steeda Autosports

Steeda Bumpsteer Kit (2015-17 All)

$244.95 $194.95

If you have substantially lowered your vehicle chances are you have introduced bumpsteer. What is bump steer? Bumpsteer is changes in toe caused by suspension movement.Every car has bumpsteer, however when you lower the vehicle you increase the amount of...

Steeda Autosports

Steeda Camber Plates (2015-17 All)

$313.51 $269.95

The S550 Mustang platform is one of the best handling Mustangs to date from the factory. Steeda, like always, has found ways to continually push the boundaries of the new S550 Mustang's suspension. From the factory, the OE components are designed without...

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