1979-1993 Ford Mustang K-Members & Supports

1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang K Member Kit

1979-1993 Mustang QA1 K-Member Brace

$171.89 $139.95

QA1 K-Member Braces are designed to stabilize the front suspension during hard cornering, allowing for improved control and handling. These braces reinforce the OEM cross member, also known as the K-Member, and help to keep the lower control arms from...

1979-1995 Mustang QA1 Tubular K-Member

$358.08 $279.95

QA1’s tubular Mustang K-Members are designed from the ground up for weight savings, improved geometry and as a bolt-in swap for the factory K-Member. Bump steer, anti-dive and ackerman angles have been improved for maximum performance. This...

Kooks Exhaust

Kooks Tubular K-Member (1979-04 All)

$466.92 $384.95

Kooks Headers and Exhaust offers many accessories to compliment the product line.Specifications: Finish: Powder Coated  Color: BlackFeatures: • Light Weight Tubular Design With Durable Black Powder Coating • Designed To Work With All Kooks...

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